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About Courthouse

Courthouse Record's first release was a bluegrass LP in 1987 titled On Time (out of print*) by a fine regional band, Virginia Rail. The band dissolved early in 1990, and the label lay dormant for the next 11 years!
In June 2000, 20 yr. old Daniel Clarke, then a Virginia Commonwealth University music education major and an extraordinarily talented keyboardist, collaborated with concert promoters, Fieldcrest Music, Courthouse's parent Co., to produce a live theater show showcasing Daniel's talents in six music configurations employing a total of 23 musicians. When the decision was made to record the show, Courthouse was resurrected. The show, presented at the
Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen,  was recorded live by Bill McElroy of Slipped Disc in Ashland, VA, mixed, mastered and released as Danny C's Musical Review, Courthouse catalog no. CH 1100.

Courthouse has since released ten additional CD's, all by Richmond,VA area artists, including three by
Modern Groove Syndicate , the award winning Jazz/funk band with Daniel Clarke (keys), Joel DeNunzio (drums), Todd Herrington (bass), JC Kuhl (Sax) and Trey Pollard (guitar), and two by Jackie Frost backed by such local talent as Danny Hughes, Malcolm Pulley, Rusty Farmer, Richard Ward and Billy Lux, and one by The Butterbean Jazz Quartet, which holds down one of Richmond's longest running jazz gigs.
National newgrass band,
Old School Freight Train, released their first self-titled CD on Courthouse before signing with David Grisman's Acoustic Disc label.

A quick review of our catalog on the Shop Courthouse page tells the rest of the story...

*Attention vinyl enthusiasts - a few copies of On Time and Virginia Rail's first LP, No Train Songs, are still available. If interested, contact Courthouse Records.

Courthouse is always on the lookout for new artists, and we will accept submissions with advanced permission. We promise to listen to whatever is submitted, but accept no additional obligation. Our criteria: quality music, centered and grounded artists with realistic expectations, and no releases containing harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material.

Artists appearing on Courthouse CDs are not "signed" exclusively with Courthouse, and
may be on other labels or appearing with other artists or bands
with no ties to Courthouse.


Our first CD - Danny C's Musical Review
Released in December 2000

Our first CD's cover shows
Daniel Clarke a/k/a
Danny C, at an early
age, apparently exiting a doghouse.
Symbolic of his "coming out" as a musical
force to be reckoned with!
He's currently touring with kd lang!

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