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Courthouse Records is a genre-nonspecific, indie,
micro-label replicating, releasing and promoting
music CDs crafted with pride in close
collaboration with the artists.

Courthouse has CDs by the following artists:

Old School Freight Train (their first)

Modern Groove Syndicate (three titles, all killin')

Daniel Clarke (k d lang sideman at age 20, recorded in-theater live)

Among Friends (13 folk performers recorded in-theater live)

Jackie Frost (two pleasing studio titles)

The Former Champions (young jazz/jam band's first)

The Butterbean Jazz Quartet (traditional female jazz vocal covers)

Nealette (original R&B/soul vocals)

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Also Available in Richmond VA
at Plan 9 Music 

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Updated  2/18/2014

FLASH!  Like typewriters, slide rules and eight track tapes - CDs have become obsolete, repaced by downloadable mp3's.
I'm sure this comes as no surprise. While most of our CDs are no longer available through this site we will happily put you in touch with the best source of all, the artist. Check out our contact page.

Coming to In Your Ear Thursday, March 20 - Missy Raines and the New Hip

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